Auction 2013

Tatabra Valiant
Lote 17
Silla Argentino
  • Gelding, Chestnut
  • Born: November 13th, 2008
  • M
Silla Argentino. Macho Castrado, Alazan. Nac. 13 Noviembre 2008. 32001000541937 

Daughter of Quitender, Reserve Champion in the 2007 Hannoverian Liscencing and is competing in Germany. Sister of Tatabra Max, who made the top price in the 2004 auction. Brother also of Tatabra Jupiter (Peru), Tatabra Kimitila (USA), Tatabra Omitila (Colombia), Mia (ex Tatabra Paradise-USA, Tatabra Quax (Can), Tatabra Thunder and Tatabra Ursula (Col). Tatabra Felicidad was National Grand Champion and Champion free jumping. One of our best dams. She is a sister of lot 15 of this catalogue.


Quitender (Hann) Quidam´s Rubin Quidam de Revel (SF)
Helvecia x Landgraf
Colette (Hann) Contender
Sommerrose x Argentinus
Tatabra Felicidad Tatabra Legitimo (SF) Remon Gridi (SF)
Gepera L’Aventure (SF)
Remonta Fantase (SF) Dimanche (SF)
L.A. 108 C. de Enero