Auction 2012

Eduardo's Allegory
Lote 6
Silla Argentino
  • Gelding, Chestnut
  • Born: September 8th, 2008

Silla Argentino Mare, Chestnut
Nac. 8 Septiembre 2008. RP 8-1. AAFE 538195.

Sired by Concorde, International show jumper under the saddle of Jos Lansink, Champion of the Netherlands, he was the stallion with the most sons in the World Championship for young horses for 3 successive years. His dam is a daughter of Milano de Flore and Dimitil de Terlong. Thedam is a full sister of T. Roulette (Breeder´s Cup finalist with Lalo Quiñones), T. Simcat, T.Topace (Col).


Concorde (KWP) Voltaire (SF) Furioso II  (Hann.)
Gogo Moeve (Hann.)
Flyer (KWP) Marco Polo (Old.)
Klaske B (KWP)
Tatabra Quimera Milano de Flore Carthago Z
Texane de L´Epinay
Tatabra Karla Dimitil de Terlong
Tatabra Fantasia