Auction 2012

Tatabra Unico
Lote 26
Silla Argentino
  • , Chestnut
  • Born: December 31st, 2008

Silla Argentino Gelding, Chestnut.
Nac. 31 Diciembre 2008. RP 8-30. AAFE 539965.

First son of Quitender, stallion who was proclaimed Reserve Champion in the 2007 Hannoverian Liscencing and is competing in Germany. He was winner of the six year old Isernhagen Grand Prix in 2011. Maternal brother of Tatabra Quick Love (USA) and of Tatabra Rainbow, Breeder ́s Cup and Young Horse finalist in 2010 and 2011.


Quitender (Hann) Quidam´s Rubin  Quidam de Revel (SF)
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