Auction 2012

Tatabra Ulala
Lote 2
Silla Argentino
  • Mare, Bay
  • Born: August 11th, 2008

Silla Argentino Mare, bay.
Nac. 11 Agosto 2008. RP 8-2. AAFE 539958.

Daughter of Tatabra Luftballon (Cor D´Alme x Parader-marsch) and a mare by Dimitil de Terlong. Sister of TatabraTanya (2011). Tatabra Fantasia is a sister of Tatabra Feli-cidad, dam of, amongst others, T. Max, top price in the2004 aucton, T. Jupiter (Peru), T. Kimitila (USA),T. Omitila (Col), Mia (ex T. Paradise – USA), T.Quax (Can), T. Thunder (2011) and T. Ursula, lot 3of this year´s catalogue.


Tatabra Luftballon  Cor D'Alme II Cor de la Bryere (SF)
Franziska (HAN)
Praline (West) Remonta Fantase x Dimanche
Tatabra Fan Fan Dimitil de Terlong (SF) Narcos II
Vanda de Terlong x Jalisco
Tatabra Fantasia II Tatabra Legitimo
Remonta Fantase x Dimanche