Auction 2011

Tatabra Texas
Lote 27
Silla Argentino
  • Gelding, Bay
  • Born: October 29th, 2007
  • L

Selle Française
Gelding, Bay
Nac. 29 Octubre 2007 RP 7-23 AAFE: 538215

Registered in France (SIRE # 60024438U)

Son of Chester Z and a dam by Libero II, known world-wide by a successfull Sporting career under the name of Achill Libero. Maternal brother of Tatabra Symphony


Chester Z Carthago Z Capitol
Amnesty Z Atlantus Z x Athlet Z
Lorraine Z
Ancemi Liberty Libero II (Hol) Landgraf I
Oktave x Ronald
Ancemi Cassini Marcaojo Cortijo
Marcaojo Kelai